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Shanarra knew she shouldn’t drink; she had real problems holding her wine, and it didn’t take long for her to start getting tipsy. But she did so to be social, and where Illidan would help himself to a bottle or two, she kept to small glasses.

Shan swayed a little on the bed, somehow managing not to spill the contents of her glass. She had a moment of clarity and put it down, flopping backwards with a grunt. Illidan turned towards her, taking a swig straight from the bottle. It had taken a while, but he was beginning to feel the effects as well.

“Shanarrrrraaa…” he cooed, tossing the empty Darnassian Red bottle away without care. He grinned and draped his wing over her, at which she laughed and playfully batted at it. “What are you thinking love?” He did the wing thing again and she made a cute, frustrated noise. While a third time was tempting, he relented and instead cuddled up to her side, pulling her into him. She seemed so tiny…

“Malfuurion is a… Is a butt.” she said, one of the biggest pouts he had ever seen on her lips. The mention of his twin normally got his back up immediately, but he was feeling too warm and comfortable to really care. Or maybe that was the wine.

“Well, this we know…” he commented, nuzzling into her chest with a deep purr. “But why particularly is my brother a butt today?”

“HE IS MEAN!” Shanarra suddenly wailed, grabbing onto Illidan’s head and cuddling him really tightly. He was almost suffocated for a second, but a slight turn enabled him to find oxygen once again. “He should be nicer to you!! You’re his brother!! And he should love you no matter what!! Like I do!!” Tears were streaming down her flushed face and the Lord of Outland managed to wriggle free of her iron grip so he could pull her to his body, stroking her hair. His wings wrapped around her in a comforting protective shield, and she instantly settled.

“But I have you dalah’surfal… I don’t need Malfurion any more.” he said quietly, still making trails through her luscious blue locks with his fingers.

They stayed like that for a while, no further words spoken between them. However, after a few minutes, Illidan shifted, and Shanarra felt something poke her in the leg. Her silver eyes wandered down until she saw the culprit and she burst into fits of drunken giggles.

“Oh my…” she exclaimed around the hand she’d covered her mouth with. Illidan smirked and rolled his massive shoulders in a shrug.

“Oh my? Is that aaaall you’re going to do about it?” he slurred, pressing himself into her leg more. Shan could barely contain herself, wriggling about as she grinned.

“Deeepends,” she said, arching her back to stretch her body. “Am I… Prepared?”

“Oh you didn’t…” Shanarra squealed as Illidan growled against her neck, biting it in playful reprimand…

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"Hmm… Negative is easy. He is totally full of himself," Shanarra snorted. "And I thought my people were xenophobic…"

"Positive… I suppose he is ambitious? That’s a positive thing."

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"Well… Thank you," she said, blushing a bit around her nose. "So are you!"

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"That would be true, I was good at what I did, I’d like to think I’m still good at what I do but what would I know. I always was told  was too proud of myself." He snorted.

She rolled her eyes, forgetting for a second that he couldn’t see her.

“We’re taught not to be proud of ourselves, like we should be ashamed for being good at things,” she said with a sigh. “But there’s nothing wrong with having a little pride. This is of course coming from a woman who has had so many Night Elves look down their noses at her, so what would I know either.” She nudged him in a teasing manner and with a grin, decided to tickle his side.

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Shanarra sighed dejectedly. She had just finished washing her hair and was about to get out of the shower. She loved the feel of the water on her body, but getting out was the worst part.

However, her ears twitched hearing the familiar sound of hooves in the room and a smile wormed across her face. She peeked out from behind the curtain to watch him undress, wetting her lips slowly.


"Well, it’s about time," she commented playfully. "I was just about to get out."

Illidan smirked back at her, shaking his hair loose and stepping in to join her. His hands fell to grip her arms, making her throw them around his neck and he took hold of her by the hips to pull her flush against him.

"Well, let me give you a reason to stay Shanarrraaaa~"