Teldrassil.. Oh how I love you.

Me too.

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"Don't worry, I'm into bears~" -alittlelieneverhurts

"Well good luck pulling one then. I’m not into… Anything in my animal forms thankyouverymuch…"


"I probably won't throw you into a horde of undead. Probably." -tithe-collector-thryn



"Syxia told me "I'm cheap and easy" is what I should say as a pick up line? Did it work?" -augur-fiorintina

"I’m pretty sure she meant that as an insult…" Shanarra said gently, not wanting to upset Fiorin. "But succubi are like that, and they are the cheapest and easiest!"

"Hey babe, you sure make my storm rage"

Shanarra flushed and chuckled, bringing her hands to her face.

"Well… Anything I can do to calm it down?"


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put the demonlord back

He’s at my house. Don’t tell anyone.

((Karabor oooooo. Sadly no awesome half-Night Elf Demon Lords in it though…))

((Ren now has her sword hilt. That bit took me ages: there were about 20 odd colours in it! Lol))

Limp Bizkit - My Way

((Sent to me by my bud magni-bronzebeard to cheer Shan up ^_^ \m/ ))