"The stars look beautiful tonight, don't they?" ((Not that he can see them...he just wants to hear her say it c:))

His words confused Shanarra for a moment and she turned from the night sky above to look at Illidan beside her. But she realised what he was trying to do and smiled, leaning on the terrace wall to gaze up again.

“Yes, very beautiful… It’s so clear for a change… I can see all the little tiny ones… Like someone flicked a paintbrush dipped in silver ink across a black page…” She sighed softly, resting her head in her hands.

“I wish I could give you my eyes… Even just for a little while… Even if I myself was unable to see during that time. I would be happy if I could do that… Or better still, if you could see through them with me. I would show you anything you wanted. The new lands we discovered, and even the old ones, the forests back in Kalimdor, Stormwind, the Great Forge in the dwarven city… And this starry sky.”


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  • "That’s not what I was trying to say."
  • "You really are special, you know that?"
  • "Maybe we can hang out sometime?"
  • Life’s too short to worry about small things!”
  • "Don’t worry, things will get better."
  • "The stars look beautiful, don’t they?"
  • "I’m trying my best, but nothing ever comes out…
There is knocking at the door. When you open it, You see the top of Xiara's head, bouncing up and down. She seems to be holding onto a large bag. "Hi, Shanarra!" She exclaims. "May I please see Shandormu! Pleaaase? And maybe Monty, too? I brought some cookies just for you though, if that makes you feel any better." The little elf offers Shanarra the bag. A peek inside reveals strangely shaped cookies, resembling a certain demon elf, with icing in purple and green.



The druid couldn’t help but laugh happily at Xiara’s enthusiasm, her head nodding up and down with the young one’s bouncing.

“Hello Xiara, good to see you,” she said with a bright smile. “Come in and I will fetch them.”

She took the bag and opened it curiously, her nose twitching a little as she picked up the sweet baked smell. However, her posture stiffened visibly when she saw who the cookies had been made to look like. Realising Xiara might see and feel upset by her reaction, she forced the smile to stay on her face and closed the bag.

“Thank you, they look good!” she exclaimed, quickly leading her friend into the living room. “Shandormu! Monty! You have a visitor!”

Monty came skidding in across the wooden floor, woolly ball at the ready. Behind him at a much more sedate pace fluttered a familiar black and silver whelp. Shanarra hastily excused herself to the kitchen, closing the door behind her, and for a brief second the baby dragon stared after her.

Shandormu turned back to Xiara and let out a chirp, darting over to her and flying a couple of laps around her form.

She could not help a soft smile forming on her visage as Shandormu spoke.

"I want to make you happy, too, Shandormu. I know I’m not perfect. I could know how to protect myself, for example…or maybe be more…intelligent-like." She furrowed her brow with frustration, knowing she was not the intellectual type.

"But I think so. To be selfless…for another…that is love of some form or another. But only you know what you feel, Shandormu. Maybe you should ask lots of people what they think love is, and make your own decision based on that!"

“Perhaps I will…” he said in a quiet voice.

The sun was gone now, leaving behind only the faintest orange glow across the sea. Darkness eased in, covering the sky like a blanket, peppered with sparkling stars. The dragon looked up for a few moments before turning to his companion.

“Would you like to go back to the village and find an inn to stay overnight? I have enough gold for a room each,” he suggested. “Then maybe tomorrow we can cross the sea and you can visit the Timeless Isle… You mentioned you would like to go there. I’m sure our serpent friends wouldn’t mind taking us…” He cast a glance behind him where the mounts were resting and they both grunted in agreement.

» The Story Continues


At her words, he turned back, facing her, pushing back ebony locks from his face as he ran a clawed hand through his hair, the long strands falling down his back. Noticing her odd behavior, a smirk spread his lips, the quietest chuckle escaping him, though he made no comment of it. “Ah, yes…my feigned allegiance. If only I had known they would take my eyesight, perhaps I would have stopped…but then again, I believe fate had this for me.” He paused for a moment, running his fingers over the cloth that covered his eyes, frowning as it met his touch. “I do indeed have magical sight…however, I have not truly seen for over 10,000 years. Your face, for instance. I can see the expression, even more so as I draw nearer, but your actual features, any markings and the like, even your hair, I cannot see. Such is the price for my actions.”

"Malfurion and Tyrande," he paused for a moment as he mentioned the latter’s name, "were not pleased with the course of action I took to do what I believed was right. The Betrayer is the name they gave me, and feeling I could not be trusted, they locked me under Hyjal for 10,000 years, to be certain that I would not betray them again." His jaw clenched as he took a seat beside Shanarra, rage clear upon his face. "10,000 years with no one but myself, left to think about what I had done and the rejection from those whom I loved most…many would have lost their mind in such a place…I like to believe that I did not, but my actions would tell you otherwise."

Pausing from his tale, he side-glanced at Shanarra, arching a feathered brow. “Are you alright?” he asked, noticing her posture, trying to detirmine whether or not she was in pain. The damned satyrs, those outside of his control, would definitely be back, and the fact that they had caused the young woman pain, angered him, much more than he thought he would. His protectiveness over her had grown strong, despite knowing each other for so little. And she had protected him…that alone was enough to know that she was doing all she could to earn his trust. “Do tell me if it hurts,” he said gently, turning to face her fully, rather than from the side. “You should not have been the one to take the arrow…I should be the one to suffer.”

Shan listened intently to his description of what he could and couldn’t see, and she found her face changing to one of sadness. She had no idea what that was like, but it sounded so… Empty. She wished there was a way she could heal him. But that was impossible. No one could give him back what Sargeras had taken from him.

Her heart ached more at the mention of his imprisonment. 10,000 years was an almost unfathomable amount of time, especially now that her race was no longer immortal. When he sat beside her, she moved a little closer, as if to remind him that time was gone and he had her company now. A piece of her raged inside that his twin brother, a man she greatly respected and that had even taught her for a time, would rather disown Illidan than work with him. She was sure that had Malfurion and Tyrande been more open, Illidan may not have made some of his more unsavoury choices.

“I’m fine,” she said. “It does hurt a little… But I’m used to it. And listening to you is taking my mind off it…” When he said about him being the one to suffer, she couldn’t help but tear off her other glove and reach for his hand, holding it firmly in her own. Hers seemed quite small in comparison.

“No,” she said firmly and confidently. “Don’t you think you’ve suffered enough? I do. I made the decision to act, and I don’t regret it. If you do only one thing for me, don’t regret it either. Please.” Without thinking, she lightly ran her thumb along the back of his hand, her eyes set on where she could see his.



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» The Story Continues


Fel fire orbs narrowed as she spoke, irritated at herself because of her weakness. Illidan paid it no mind; anyone with an injury would behave in such a way, himself included. “You will not be a burden,” he murmured, carefully placing his hands upon her, helping her regain herself. He was certain that it would take a bit to recover, and she would be severely weakened until then. Glancing to where she had thrown the arrow, it glowed a faint blue, proof of the weakening magic it had been dipped in, and judging by the elf, it was doing its job rather well.

Much better, if you ask me,” he replied, turning to view the satyr for a moment before leading her safely indoors, keeping his guard up, in case any others were nearby. It was likely that there would be more; this wasn’t the first time he had been attacked in such a way, and typically more would be on their way. He decided not to worry Shanarra with the news. In her already weakened state, that very last thing she needed was to worry.

Turning down one of the less-traveled corridors, Illidan slowed his pace, making sure Shanarra was alright every step of the way. “There is a chamber here that you may find comforting,” he said, glancing at the smaller female, raising his brows. “I find myself wandering here time to time; it is rather comfortable, and there are enough books to fill your wildest fantasies.” Stopping before a set of large, wooden doors, Illidan placed his hands upon the large, brass handles, pushing the heavy doors open, entering the room. It was dark, but the outlines of cushions and bookshelves were visible to their eyes.

Summoning greenish fel-flames within the palm of his hand, he launched them at the darkened fireplace, filling the room with an eerie glow, despite the warmth they let off. “Make yourself comfortable,” he said gently, turning his gaze to the woman. “Anywhere you’d like.” Shutting the doors behind her, he spoke words of power under his breath, casting a shield around the door, which would notify him of any unwanted intruders.

As she made herself comfortable, Illidan gazed at the fire, deep purple skin tinted green from the glow of the fire, eerie shadows cast upon his body. It wouldn’t be the first time he would stand by the fire as he did, mind wandering through the choices of his life. But this time, it was different. He was accompanied by the woman reclined upon the cushions, her expression, though pained, filled with awe at the demon before her, large, silvery eyes wide and kind. Turning his head slightly, he side-glanced at her, hint of a grin curving his lips. “So…did you want me to continue my tale? Or perhaps you’d like to relax a bit, first?”

Her eyes drank in the room eagerly, her head moving so that she could take in everything around her. It was cosy and inviting, and she quickly settled herself on a large cushion pile, unable to hold in the quiet sigh of relief that escaped her. Her fingers lightly traced the mark on her shoulder again. She felt much better now she was sitting, and she could almost feel her body beginning to work through the foul magic in her veins.

Seeing Illidan stood like that by the fire, Shan’s silver eyes remained glued. A tiny voice in her mind yelled that she was staring, but it was far away – like someone calling from another room through a wall. He was magnificent. She’d always thought so; both his past self she had met before and as he was now. Anyone would think she was extremely strange for finding a demon handsome, however, she didn’t care what anyone else thought. And when he smiled… It made her feel warm inside. And privileged to see what was obviously a rare thing.

She was so busy admiring in silence that she didn’t even hear him speak. He turned more fully towards her, eyebrow raised and said her name.

“Uh!” she exclaimed, her face turning a rather dark colour around her cheeks and nose. “Y-Yes! I think it would be a good opportunity to hear the rest!” She shuffled awkwardly on the pillows and looked at the fire. She distracted herself by removing her other pauldron and her antler-helm, now better able to relax with the bulkier parts of her armour set aside. Well… She tried to relax, but it was sort of difficult while she was still feeling the embarrassment of being caught gawking.

“Last time you spoke of your allegiance to obtain the Demon Soul…” Shanarra said, secretly hoping that by encouraging the story to move along he would not comment on her behaviour.


Through her tears Torena saw Shanarra get up from her chair and come around the table, she felt the warm hand on her shoulder and reached up to cover it with her own.

Torena continued as she felt she needed to get this off her chest, she swallowed several times then said “It was only when we had gotten through the magic bubble I discovered that my parents and younger sister had come to visit me while I was away” again she had to swallow several times “They were one of the first to die when Dalaran was destroyed, the house they were staying in collapsed on top of them and there was no chance of escape…..” Torena finally broke and the tears kept flowing.

It took a long time before Torena could speak again “I want to thank you Shanarra as up until now I had not allowed myself to grieve for them. There was so much to do we didn’t take the time to morn our losses. We spent years rebuilding Dalaran and using our magic to move the city to where it is now as the base for all magic users to have a safe haven”

Torena took a long drink of her tea even though it was not as warm as she liked it, it seemed to ease the lump in her throat.

The Night Elf leaned forward so that the human could get a better look at her face. She smiled warmly, trying to offer more comfort with her expression.

“I get the feeling this is the start of a great friendship,” she said. “And if there’s one thing you will learn about me Torena, it’s that my friends can always share their emotions with me. I don’t have many… But quality over quantity as they say.” She reached into the pocket of her robe and brandished a small piece of plain cloth, offering it so Torena could wipe her eyes.

“At least Archimonde was destroyed…” Shan continued, going back to her seat. “I know it won’t bring our families back but the Legion suffered heavy losses. I’m sure they will try again someday but we will beat them again. As we did 10,000 years ago, and as we did again 5 years ago.”