» ((Wrestle Prompt Cont.))
"Momma, dad let me hold his hammers and showed me how he summons totems. He is so cool" the little boy says his eyes lit up and a big smile on his face

Shanarra returned the half-orc, half-elf’s smile, pleased that her son was so enthusiastic.

"Maybe you will follow in his footsteps one day and become a great shaman yourself my son. I know your father will be immensely proud, no matter which path you choose!"

((I could only think of Thrall XD))

"Mother, now dad is juggling knives to impress my friends. Please make him stop, he's a dork and embarrassing me!"

Shan sighed heavily and went outside, catching the knives in mid-air.

"Priscus, stop throwing sharp objects around children!"

"Mom, dad is on the roof again. He is yelling at the neighbors telling them they aren't prepared"

"It’s okay sweetheart, the neighbours might not be prepared but Mom always is." Shanarra walked to the window, a tray of her best cupcakes with vanilla icing in her hands and opened it. They were fresh from the oven and Shan grinned, wafting the smell outside to coax a certain half-demon down from his perch.

"Mother, why is father such a dick and why does he always tell us made up stories to look cool?"

((Okay, I’ve realised I am shit at this game…. Give me a clue nonny! XD))

"I shout Lok’Tar Ogar cause it breaks your mommy"

"Having your kid broke me enough thank you."

"Mommy, why does daddy always shout for the Horde and Lok'Tar Ogar?"

((I can’t even…. NOOO ANON! HOW CRUEL ARE YOU! Garrosh, I know I’m hot but pls. Control urself.))

ღ - mottos

((Hm… I don’t really have any of my own… But I always loved that quote from Tyrion Lannister in GoT:

"Never forget what you are. The world will not, so wear it like armour and it can never be used against you."

Or something like that lol.))

"Mommy, why does daddy shout in a funny language and wear funny shoulder pads?"

Shanarra smiled at her daughter, bending down to pat the elf’s hair.

"It’s not all that strange, Thalassian is a lot like Darnassian if you listen closely…"

((I assumed Remi? I’m really not sure XD))

Hey! Its an interesting take to make a bitch!maiev au character and you play her so well! Kudos!


((I am totally unsure what you even mean by bitch!maiev au character? I feel slightly offended?))

((I can’t reply but what the flip O_O … I admit I didn’t know much about Maiev at all when I started, she’s hideously unrepresented in wow itself but I went and read real canon later. Hate to break it to you anon but Maiev is played perfectly by maievshadowsong - see what she’s actually been through, she kinda has a right to be a bitch, no AU about it))