» Sentence memes: sleepover edition

-“Are you awake?”
-“I cannot sleep…”
-“Let us stay up all night!”
-“We should play ‘truth or dare’.”
-“Wanna watch a movie?”
-“We are out of snacks.”
-“Sleep is for weaklings.”
-“Are you already sleepy?”
-“Did you fall asleep yet?”
-“Can I cuddle with you?”
-“Let’s have some fun.”
-“We should play strip poker.”
-“I can barely keep my eyes open.”
-“We should go to bed.”
-“No, this is my blanket.”
-“It’s too early to go to bed.”
-“I need another pillow.”
-“Pillow fight!”
-“Wanna play some games?”
-“I brought some booze along.”



do not, i repeat, do not

think about your favorite character’s face when they orgasm, especially after an agonizingly slow build of teasing and foreplay that lasts for hours

don’t imagine the relief in their eyes right before they close them

don’t imagine the sounds of their ecstasy as they finally hit that sweet spot

don’t imagine every line and muscle in their body tense and arching as they ride the aftershocks

don’t imagine the way they sag and pant and smile afterward, drawing their partner close to their sweat-slicked body

just don’t do that to yourself

Oh… Elune…

I didn't mean to! - syrennielfrosttouch

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Syrenniel had been having nightmares again…

Shanarra heard her screaming and ran into the room, hurrying to her friend’s side to wake her. She would definitely have to brew something to help the Death Knight sleep more soundly.

"Ren! Ren, it’s Shan!" the druid called, shaking the other woman in an effort to bring her around. Syrenniel lashed out, catching Shan in the face with her flailing fist. As she blinked her eyes at the Night Elf, who was cradling the large bruise beginning to develop, a mortified look crossed her own face. Ren covered her mouth.

"Oh! Shan, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-" Shanarra waved her off.

"It’s fine, trust me, I’ve had much worse… You pack a punch!" she smiled impishly, until she realised stretching her cheek hurt. She hid the grimace well though. "Are you all right?"

» Time to Parley

Hooves clacked quietly along the floor of the Temple as Shanarra paced back and forth, her long and purple satyr-like tail swishing from side to side. Her beloved was patrolling the Valley, and Shan herself was waiting for a very important report from Azeroth…

As if summoned by her thoughts, a crowd of imps suddenly skipped up the stairs to the Summit, chattering nonsense between themselves. The fel-druid rolled her green-tinted eyes and folded her arms across her chest, tapping one hoof in annoyance. She was pretty used to most of Illidan’s underlings by now, but the imps were still… Irritating.

“Well?” she quipped, tossing her purple hair over her shoulder. The lead imp, slightly larger than the others, was shoved forwards by his comrades, and the creature’s clawed hands twitched nervously in front of him.

“L-Lady Felmane,” the imp stuttered. Shanarra had decided to abandon her old surname after her change; she was hardly the stellar example of the great Ravenmane family any more. “We travelled across Azeroth like you ordered! We saw the Lich King and his armies-”

“Get to the point.”

“Ah-he…He… Yes… Well…” The demon looked over his shoulder at the others who all began nodding their heads. “He won…”

Her eyes widened in surprise. Arthas… The Lich King had succeeded in conquering Azeroth? The half Night Elf began to pace again, rubbing at her own temple. The part of her that was still the old Shanarra was fuming, disgusted that the Scourge had quite possibly wiped out – or was in the process of wiping out – the Alliance and the Horde. That part mourned, rolling around inside her, screaming and crying for the thousands upon thousands of innocents that monster must have murdered.

But as a demon, and the Lady of Outland, something else was more concerning.

Now he was done with her old home, would Arthas turn his attention to her new one?

Illidan and Arthas were mortal enemies… An ironic term, she mused to herself; were either of them truly mortal now? Still, she could not take the risk that the Lich King would not seek to finish what he started in Icecrown. Her mate still bore the scars of that encounter, and not just the physical one across his chest.

“Lothros,” Shanarra barked. At her call, the Night Lord appeared, bowing his head respectfully. “Assemble a couple of your finest dreadlords and a few satyr who are good with bows or stealth. I’m taking a little trip back through the Dark Portal.” Lothros shifted uncomfortably.

“Greatest respect my Lady, but… Lord Stormrage will not be pleased if you are thinking of putting yourself into danger… We do not know how the Lich King will react to the presence of demons on what is now his territory.”

Shan whirled on him, her wings snapping to their full span and both the green mark on her shoulder and her eyes flaring, almost as bright as his Master’s did. The Night Lord shrank back. However, after a moment, the woman relaxed.

“A letter first then.” she suggested. Lothros breathed a sigh and nodded, shouting in Eredun for someone to bring the Lady Felmane some parchment and ink. When a satyr approached with what she needed, Shanarra twirled her finger for the demon to show his back to her. Using him as a table, she began to scribble.

Your Majesty, I am writing to congratulate you on your recent victory. My name is Shanarra Felmane, and I believe you already know my Lord, Illidan Stormrage. I am writing to you with a request to parley on Lord Stormrage’s behalf. Given your power, I think it is prudent for us to ‘lay our cards on the table’ so to speak. If it pleases you, I will arrange to visit you at your Citadel with a small contingent of guards, for my own protection of course. Not enough to cause a stir, I would hope. I await your favourable reply. Lady Shanarra Felmane.

She held a finger at the bottom of the letter, summoning the fel-fire that Illidan had taught her to use, and burning the mark of the Illidari onto the bottom under her signature.

“See that he gets it.” she said, rolling it up and tossing the parchment to the lead imp.

"I didn't mean to!"-Calaysia

Your muse just hurt mine by accident. Send “I didn’t mean to!” for my muse’s reaction.

Shanarra shook her head, her mane ruffling as she tried to clear the stars from her vision. Calaysia was indeed strong; stronger than Shan expected even though her Night Elf form was very muscular. Or perhaps it was simply her student’s enthusiasm. She certainly had bags of it.

Calaysia flattened her ears as if expecting to be scolded. Shanarra raised her paw, wiping off the bit of blood that had spilled down her lip after being charged by the other bear.

"No, no please don’t worry Thero’shan!" she called, trying to assure Calaysia that there was no harm done. "That was good! I have learned not to underestimate you!"

"Now, again!"

((She’s coming baaaaack >:) … Maybe :p ))

» Your muse just hurt mine by accident. Send “I didn’t mean to!” for my muse’s reaction.
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